Hello world!

This is our first blog post for our new project, The Makery!

Allow us to introduce ourselves:

We are three sisters, artists, and North Carolina natives who have been continually inspired by the creativity and talent that we see all around us – in our friends, our neighborhoods, and our communities.

Through The Makery, we hope to cultivate an online community of people who appreciate beautiful, well-made things, and want to support the amazing local artists and craftspeople here in North Carolina.

Our next step to making this happen is to procure some funding, so right now we’re working hard to put together materials to post on Kickstarter.com. We hope to have our video and other materials up on Kickstarter by February 1, so time is ticking! If all goes well, we’ll have enough support to launch our official website and online shop in the next few weeks!

We’ll keep you updated along the way as things progress, and will start featuring some of our favorite local artists here in the coming days. Visit us often!


Krista, Brita, and Sarah Rose

P.S. If you’d like to request an invitation to be part of our trial launch, or if you’re an artist who would like us to consider featuring your work, click here. 

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