NC Show of the week: Erin Fussell ‘Twenties: Decade in Polaroid, 1999-2008’

We would like to keep folks posted on shows, exhibits and happenings around North Carolina.

Today we’re featuring Erin Fussell’s show Twenties: Decade in Polaroid, 1999-2008 an exhibit in Asheville, NC at the Asheville Artery. It is on display now until February 25th. While haling from Oregon, Fussell has made Asheville, NC her home for the past 7 years.

Here is the show description from the from the Artery website:

In 1999, the year Erin Fussell turned twenty, she bought a Polaroid camera second-hand. Polaroid stopped making the instant film in 2008, the same year she turned twenty-nine. The immediate, alluring Polaroid film parallels a twenty-something experience—that wild spontaneity with changing responsibility; of losing and creating relationships, habits and ideas. A turbulent, emotional experience is translated visually through scratches, ink and other imperfections left on the image. Imperfections prove the only copy of the image was made in the moment and carried through time. These images, taken in several states, both physical and mental, pay tribute to the Polaroid and the fabulous, rollercoaster time of young adulthood.   

Taking yourself on an “art date” is one of the best ways to keep your creativity flowing and this exhibit will not disappoint. Check it out if you’re in the area, and if you’re not take a look at Erin’s website for a virtual “art date”.

(If there is a show/exhibit or art happening you’d like to see featured here- just drop us a line with the details

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