Dream Weaver

In honor of the long history of textile production in North Carolina, I’ve collected some beautiful weaving and sewing-related images for your viewing enjoyment.

Happy Monday!

-Sarah Rose

P.S. Have you ever heard of Raleigh Denim Workshop? They use antique sewing machines to make handcrafted limited runs of artisan jeans. Pretty cool, right? After learning about them, the Sister Team is ready to start our Christmas list.

Cone Mills in Greensboro, NC. Source: Raleigh Denim Workshop


Source: My Wicked Fairy Tale


Native American girl weaving a belt. Source: Chest of Books


Source: Fairy Inspirations


From LeDray's "Men's Suits". Source: The Portable Gallery

2 thoughts on “Dream Weaver

  1. I ENJOYED that display of complimentary textile pictures. Somehow it moved my heart as I can relate to them all. Always a sewer and now having fun with the catch phrase “re-purpose-ing clothing, t-shirts the most fun for summer. I can cut and re-apply the pattern to wear as my body and privacy issues evolve. Now a stoneware potter first, and need the appropriate clothing and aprons to fit the daily filling of orders. I found your site through my ceramics business About.com. Never know when that brush on the shoulder is to be noticed. Best wishes.

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