We are trying to get a Smoffice!!

The team has entered a really cool and quirky competition from The Greater Durham Chamber of Commerce and Downtown Durham. If you win, you get a 20 square ft office space in Beyu Caffe, a great coffee and meeting spot in in the heart of downtown Durham’s 5-Points area. Oh, AND 6 months free rent in a condo a short walk away from your new headquarters.

The Smoffice also has a pretty neat website — check out Matthew and Adam’s video tours of the office space and condo.

It would be an awesome opportunity, and well timed, as I’m returning back to the great state in just a few weeks! And although my parents have generously offered me the den to stay in while I’m home…It kind of smells like dogs in there.

We had a great time applying for this competition, because we got our creative video juices flowing again, and Brita formatted our one-page business plan so it looks very artistic and beautiful!

Check out our video, and if you want to give some oomph to our campaign, please ‘Like’ our video on The Smoffice Facebook page!

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