Let The Smoffice Begin!

As a young, working writer who has had a variety of jobs and lived in a number of different places, I’m used to big transitions. Like many of my friends, I’ve never lived in the same home for more than two years (since I first left home for college), and I love the excitement of moving to a new place and starting fresh.

Beach bonfire with friends at Herring Cove in Provinctown, MA.

Still, my move last week felt particularly dramatic. One day I was a poet on fellowship in Provincetown Massachusetts, watching the ocean for whales and wearing a scarf and boots in the chilly spring weather. The next day (literally), I became an entrepreneur in Durham, NC! Mike, Yuri (our cat), and I drove down the east coast early last week, and we arrived in North Carolina just in time for the launch party of The Smoffice (“The World’s Smallest Office”), which will be The Makery’s homebase for the next six months.

The Smoffice in Beyu Caffe, Durham, NC.

The event was great fun. There were about 45 local business owners, entrepreneurs, and elected officials there to congratulate The Makery and wish us luck. Everyone was very welcoming, and there was even a ribbon cutting (complete with tiny sewing scissors!) Notice that I’m wearing corduroy pants in the 90 degree weather…

Me with Matthew Coppedge and Adam Klein, the Durhamites behind The Smoffice contest.
Yes, we did fit 11 people in there!

I wish that Brita and Krista could have been there too, but Mike and my parents were there for support, and the whole Sister Team was there in spirit. Mike also took some pictures of our drive down with Yuri in the car, but the memory card for his camera is malfunctioning and we unfortunately haven’t been able to upload the photos…

Now I’m enjoying settling into my spot here in the window of Beyu Caffe. If you come by for a visit you can stare at me through the big window and we can gesticulate to each other. Better yet, I’ll invite you into The Smoffice for a great view of downtown Durham in action.

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