Lady Entrepreneurs

If you read tech blogs (like I do every morning – nerd alert!), you will know that there has been a lot of posts lately about women’s roles in entrepreneurship and tech. The news is not great. Although the numbers are rising, there are not very many women moving and shaking in the startup world, and some evidence that is much harder to get funding if you happen to be a lady/woman/sister.

I am lucky to have more than a few examples of female business owners and executives in my life, like my mom, my aunt Lauren Nordgren du Bois, and my mentor Shea DiDonna. They have led the sister team to believe that anything boys can do, we can do better (or…at least just as well).

At The Makery, we believe that there is great power in entrepreneurship and small business. We want to help craftspeople and artisans achieve financial success, and we want to make it easier for people to connect in local, personal economies. It is better for everyone, individual customers and whole societies, when women have the tools and the equity (in both senses of the word!) to contribute their talents to their community.

I found some women in business blogs for anyone looking for an extra boost:

2 thoughts on “Lady Entrepreneurs

  1. Just saw this. I am looking forward to watching you and your sisters grow as you meet the various challenges you will face in this partnership. Forward is a great direction.

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