All About Food: Family Reunion pt 2

The reunion culminated in a shared meal under a big tent down near the runway. Grandpa Loran is a wonderful speaker and storyteller, and he spoke about how pleased he was we could all gather and celebrate together.

Lovely sister Sarah Rose waiting for the meal to begin.

The cousins arm wrestling. I almost won when I went up against Marcus…but then I really didn’t.

The food was memorable. We had a mix of Swedish inspired dishes, and a lot of meat. Sarah and husband Mike also made a delicious tempeh dish for the vegetarians among us.

Our menu. Designed by family friend Maureen.

The flowers. Gathered and arranged by cousin Andrew.

The trip was exciting and relaxing. Our extended family has been an incredible support of The Makery from the beginning, and we even had a Makery meeting in our favorite room in the house, four walls of windows, surrounded by birds and sunshine, what a way to do business!  Hope to be back soon.

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