Condo Life (aka Smondo Life)

Part of winning the Smoffice competition was receiving six months rent-free living in a beautiful condo very close to Beyu. There’s nothing better than our walk to work: saying hey to our friends at Mercury Studio, stopping by Scratch for a treat, and settling into our little window.

Sarah has been out in California teaching creative writing classes (and I miss her dearly!), but before she was on the west coast, we were sharing the apartment for a week or so. With a dog, a cat, and two sisters, we were packed a little tightly, and that’s how we started calling our new digs “The Smondo.”

Sarah Rose preparing lunch

Swedish washcloths above the sink.

Can’t stop playing.

A closeup of my mug. We’re confused too.

I slept on the couch a few nights to keep the dog and cat separate. Brutus, the dog, has to sleep with me. Sarah captured what she likes to call, “The Four Positions of Brutus in Five Minutes.”

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