Meet Molly!

We’d love to introduce you all to our intern, Molly. She is a rising Sophomore at Knox College and a wonderful soul who has been sharing her creative talents with The Makery for the past few weeks.


Molly is going to help us kick off a series of artist education posts, providing new and aspiring artists and designers with some resources and best practices to help them get started.

More from her:

Hi, I’m Molly.  I’m a Nebraska native and a current resident of Illinois, attending Knox College where I’m studying Art and Business with an emphasis in entrepreneurship.  I’ve had an interest in the arts for as far back as I can remember, and I spent this summer expanding my knowledge of the business side of art, interning at Syndey Lynch’s Jewelry Studio.  In the studio I acquainted myself with the tedious tasks of jewelry making but was also sure to soak up Sydney’s 30+ years of experience running her full time jewelry business.  She shared and explained the knowledge she has acquired over the years, anything from a pricing formula to trade and craft shows to wholesale and consignment.  I’m looking forward to sharing and expanding my knowledge with The Makery!

Thanks for working with us, Molly!



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