Busy weekend: Handmade business around North Carolina

So, last Thursday I was supposed to attend the DNC by invitation of our excellent lawyer Houston Barnes. But you’ve already heard the story: the location move, no space for most credentials, etc. I had already made quite a few meetings on Friday to round out my time in the Queen City. So I decided to drive down just for the morning. I am so glad that I did!


It seems as though outsiders mostly know Charlotte for banks and business. But Charlotte has a growing and thriving arts scene with exciting initiatives and neat organizations doing great work. The area in and around North Davidson Street, or NoDa, is the historic arts district. I met with Kate and Lauren from NoDaRioty, which runs an all arts market in the area. It also hosts events, studio tours, and mural projects. The ladies were full of advice on how The Makery can best serve artists and reach out the the NC community of art lovers.


I also met with Sarah of Crown Town Handmade and maker/blogger at Stitch Machine. Crown Town Handmade has built an impressive, collaborative community where members share business advice and expertise, promote one another, and throw some pretty awesome handmade events in the city. Their inaugural craft show is now accepting applications, by the way, so check it out.

And to top off the day, I met with one of our jewelry makers, and got to drool over necklaces while relaxing at Amèlies.

Did I miss anything in Charlotte? Always looking for more ways to connect outside of the Triangle. Next stop: Wilmington.

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