Bound for Giveaways: Win a Journal We’ve Designed Just For You!

Look in the purse, backpack or backpocket of any creative around here and there it is: a Bound Custom Journal. They make the perfect companion for the artist, business wiz, or casual note-taker. Why? Because they’re so well made, and you get to design it yourself. While Bound is in the process of taking over the world, they’re still committed to being handmade in America. We love Bound because they are another company blending tech with quality craftmanship.

More on the  process from Joel, CEO of Bound:

“Each journal is hand-made to order, no mass produced identical journals in a warehouse.  Your journal doesn’t even exist until you create it.  For the Original journal we use linen cloth, wrapped around cardboard to create the exterior cover.  The paper is 100% post-consumer recycled, and acid free.
Every one is made here in Durham, NC.”

 So, you totally want one, right? Great. We’re here for you.
Get qualified by liking The Makery AND Bound Custom Journals on Facebook  OR follow us both on Twitter.
Want to increase your chances?
Get 2 entries by sharing our giveaway photo on Facebook OR Twitter. Be sure to mention The Makery, so we know you did it! 
Really want that journal? Here’s a simple way to clinch it.
Get 5 entries by getting a friend to request their invitation to The Makery at  and subscribe to the bound blog at Facebook us, tweet at us, or send a carrier pigeon to let us know you’re qualified for 5.

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